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Biz Flow

AgilePath’s BizFlow allows you to pivot towards new opportunities at speed, by digitizing, automating, and managing your business process workflows. That means your people, systems, and robots work together effectively to deliver greater business agility, so you can transform your customers’ experience and improve their satisfaction.

It centralizes information so you get a single version of the truth on which to base your decisions and is built on predictive analytics to help you gain market position. AgilePath’s BizFlow also delivers a full data audit trail and collaboration tools, which can be accessed from any device. With dynamic, digital workflows, your business-wide processes are more efficient, agile, and standardized.

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AgilePath’s eSchool360 is the award-winning school Information System you’ve been waiting for. Designed for schools, districts and dioceses large and small, we’ve optimized eSchool360 for ease, flexibility, and power to handle your biggest school administration tasks. So parents, teachers, principals and even superintendents can collaborate in ways that drive academic performance, enhance communication, and help your school thrive.

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